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The George Washington Masonic National Monument in Alexandria, Virginia !

The George Washington Masonic National Monument in Alexandria, Virginia, was Jesuit Superior General Ledochowski’s Shrine to a George Washington who never existed in time and space.

The real George Washington was a low-level Freemason who, according to a letter written to one of his friends in 1798, declared he had not entered into a Masonic lodge but once or twice during the last thirty years of his life (1768-1798).

But the George Washington of Rome’s Masonic National Monument is an Illuminized Freemason, a sort of “super-mason” on par with the gods of Greece and Rome. Though there were two great Masonic Schisms, one in 1753 and the other in 1877 (not to forget the great abandonment of American Freemasonry by 50,000 Northern Freemasons in the 1820s), by 1900 the breaches had been repaired and all American Freemasonry was now Illuminized/Jesuitized.

It is with this backdrop we understand the erection of the George Washington Masonic National Monument.
Pattered after the Jesuit Temple on one of the Order’s South American Reductions with the triple tier topped off with a pyramid (below), the Monument reflects Illuminized/Jesuitized Scottish-Rite Freemasonry of America presently ruled by the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree meeting in the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C.

Proposed in 1909 during the presidency of 33rd Degree Freemason Theodore Roosevelt, ground was broken in 1911 during the presidency of Skull and Bonesman/33rd Degree Freemason William H. Taft, and the Shrine c
ompleted in 1932, the year 33rd Degree Freemason Franklin D. Roosevelt was placed into the White House with its Vaginal “Oval Office” of the Virgin Mary—the “Executive Mansion” having been renamed “The White House” in 1901 after Maryland Jesuit Andrew White.

The three videos posted provide an “illuminating” tour of the National Shrine dedicated to the Black Pope’s mythological “George Washington,” 14th Amendment America’s “super-mason” cherishing a secret allegiance to the Pope of Rome!

s Constantine I “the Great” created his mythological “Jesus Christ” at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD birthing Romanism, even so Rome has created the mythological “George Washington” to which this pagan Shrine is dedicated. The real Lord Jesus Christ of the AV1611 Reformation English Bible and the real George Washington of history are to be hidden by the Freemasonic “Craft” now Illuminized and controlled at the top by the Society of Jesus.

Remarcati asemanarea dintre piramida "monument" George Washington si piramida iezuita din "colectivele" iezuite ale Paraguaiului. (experiment pt. comunism)

The Jesuits are the true authors of socialist-communism. The economic system of the Dark Ages was feudalism consisting of the few rich landowners and the many poor peasants. It was a sin to make a profit by anyone other than the feudal lords. Thus, if the world is to be returned to the Dark Ages, the Protestant middle class must be destroyed. Socialist-communism accomplishes this, having yielded its bitter fruit in both Great Britain and the United States. The great deception is that the Jews are the authors of communism. (After all, is not Zionism Jewish communism?) The facts are that the Jesuits used their Masonic Jews to introduce it in 1848 and again in 1917 with the Bolshevik Revolution.

The Jesuits then moved their Shriner Freemason FDR to recognize Russia's bloody government in 1933. The Jesuits then financed Russian communism with their Knights of Malta on Wall Street. This enabled Joseph Stalin to carry out the purges of the Thirties.

Having deceived the world into believing communism was of Jewish origin, the Jesuits then used Hitler to implement 'the Final Solution to the Jewish Question'-pursuant to the evil Council of Trent. The result was the mass murder of European and Russian Jewry at the hands of the Jesuit-controlled SS.

At the close of the Second Thirty Years War (1945) the Jesuits, with their Vatican Ratline, helped top Nazis to escape to South America. And where in South America? To the old dominion where socialist-communism had been perfected by the Jesuit fathers-to the nation of Paraguay.

The Jesuits entered Paraguay in the early 1600s, sent by the kings of Spain and Portugal. They established their supremacy over the natives called 'Guarani Indians' and did not allow them to mix with the Spanish or Portuguese. It was among this people that the Jesuits established their communes called 'reductions'.


The connection between Freemasonry and Jesuits is the most genius discovery. Once known, an opening to many connections in Reformed countries by Counter Reformation opens the eyes. I would once travel with an beggar friend of mine, where we would sleep in the open air where we came, and he would led me to sleep at a Freemason Lodge building in Holland, close to some military barracks.

Behind the building was a crematorium, what a strange place to burn dead people. From seeing other Freemason buildings in Holland, I would get the impression, that they are all placed in places where Protestantism was the main culture, while no Freemason buildings are found in traditional Roman Catholics places.

A first impression would be, Freemasonry is protestant, while once the opposite is discovered, it explains why certain Protestants in politics and media follow agenda to promote Roman Catholicism.

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