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VOX NEWS - ARHIVE SECRETE - In emisiunea dl. Olimpian Ungherea, despre "Vatican - Top Secret", spre final, se abordeaza putin existenta si activitatea ordinului Iezuit. Dl. Oreste afirma ca Iezuitii sunt un adevarat serviciu de spionaj si contraspionaj cu mult deasupra serviciilor de spionaj de tipul CIA, FBI, FSB. Nimic important nu se intampla, pe aceasta planeta, fara ca acolo sa nu fie implicat macar un spion iezuit.


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Mehmet Ali Agca, agent Iezuit sub acoperire !

Jesuit Papal Assassins Unmasked at Last!!

"Thou shalt not kill" (murder) (Exodus 20:13).

A hand holding a gun aims from the crowd at Pope John Paul II as he rides through St. Peter's Square on May 13, 1981, the Feast Day of our Lady of Fatima. An instant later he was shot.

A hand holding a gun aims from the crowd at Pope John Paul II as he rides through St. Peter's Square on May 13, 1981, the Feast Day of our Lady of Fatima. An instant later he was shot.

Pope John Paul II was shot 3 times at point blank range.

Pope John Paul II was shot 3 times at point blank range.

The Pope was given poisoned blood transfusions!!

Pope John Paul II was hit 3 times at point blank range:

"On May 13, 1981, within three weeks of that private papal conference (to fire Arrupe), John Paul II was struck by two bullets from the Browning semiautomatic pistol of paid hitman Mehmet Ali Agca. By mistake, as it was later explained, the Pontiff was rushed to the Roman hospital of Gemelli rather than to the special hospital unit organized solely for papal use. He was given blood from the public blood bank; the private supply kept in readiness was never used.
In rapid succession, Pope John Paul underwent two major operations and suffered the consequences of the transfusion of impure blood; he contracted a severe case of hepatitis. At the height of the Pontiff's crisis, on May 28, Cardinal Wyszynski of Warsaw died. Wyszynski was John Paul's closest friend, and had made his career." (Malachi Martin, The Jesuits, p. 94).

A Papal Conference to abolish the Jesuits 3 weeks before shooting!!

Just 3 weeks prior to the assassination attempt, Pope John Paul II had a meeting with 6 of the most powerful cardinals in the Vatican. The topic: the forced resignation of the Jesuit general Pedro Arrupe:

"In some respects, the meeting that convened in the middle of spring 1981 bore the marks of thousands of board meetings going on at the same moment in every daylight country of the world. Beyond glass-paneled double doors, a conference between seven men was in progress. A folder bulging with reports lay in front of each man. At each man's elbow a full carafe of water topped with a glass was perched. Anyone happening to glance in might have said that the men gathered there were absorbed in the sort of hushed but free-wheeling discussion typical of board meetings everywhere.
But this was not the sort of meeting most people have ever witnessed, or even glimpsed through shut, glass-paneled doors. This conference room was on the third floor of the Palace of the Popes on Vatican Hill. The report folders were red damask and emblazoned in gold with the Tiara and Keys. Outside the door, a secretary and two Swiss Guards in traditional uniform were on duty to block all intruders. Seated at the conference table were the Pontiff of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and six of his most powerful cardinals, the movers and shakers of the Vatican, a cameo of its most formidable strength.
And the subject of discussion between them was the life or death of the Society of Jesus: whether, in other words, the Order headed by Father General Pedro Arrupe should be allowed to go on as it was, or be reorganized and reset according to the often-repeated wishes of three Popes, or be officially done to death by the power and under the authority of Pope John Paul II." (Martin, The Jesuits, pp. 79-80).
Jesuit general Pedro Arrupe—the assassin of Pope John Paul II

Spanish Inquisition Don Pedro Arrupe was the 31st Black Pope to be elected for LIFE:

Don Pedro Arrupe (1907-1991) was the Black Pope or Jesuit general from 1965 to 1981.

Pedro Arrupe was from the Basque region of Spain—the same part of the country as the first general, Don Ignatius LIEola.

Arrupe was elected general for life in 1965, and was removed by Pope John Paul II in 1981.

He was the first Black Pope ever to be removed from office.

Since the founding of the Jesuits by Don Ignatius LIEola and Don Francis Borgia in 1534, many, many White Popes have tried in vain to curtail the power of the Jesuit generals. ALL of the attempts met with death by poisoning.

Pope John Paul II survived the assassination attempt but was greatly weakened by the 40 hour operation and the transfusions of tainted blood.

Moslems and the KGB were blamed for the shooting!!

Usually in a public shooting assassination attempt, the perpetuator is immediately killed to hide the real identity of the assassins. In this case (Moslem) Mehmet Ali Agca was allowed to live because he was an undercover Jesuit.

The Moslem leaders sent condolences and expressed regret that one of their own religion should try and kill the Pope.

The shooter (Moslem) Mehmet Ali Agca was not immediately killed (like Oswald) but taken into custody by the police.

Yuri Andropov (1914-1984).
President of the USSR from 1982 to 1984. Head of the KGB from 1967 to 1982. He was poisoned in 1984.

Yuri Andropov was implicated in the assassination attempt through a supposed BULGARIAN CONNECTION. This gave the Pentagon an excuse to begin a massive military buildup to avenge the COMMIE Pope killers in the USSR!!

Attempted assassination of President Reagan!!

Meanwhile back in the District of Columbia, the Fatima Crusade began in earnest. Just weeks before the Pope's shooting, President Ronald Reagan was shot by another Jesuit assassin named John Hinckley. Like the Pope, the stricken President became greatly debilitated. Vice President George Bush (former CIA head), assumed the duties of President, while the acting was left to President Reagan.

President Ronald Reagan is hit by a bullet as he enters his limousine in Washington City.

On March 31, 1981, "lone gunman" John Hinckley fired 6 shots at President Ronald Reagan as he entered his limousine in Washington City.

His Vice President George Bush (father of George W. Bush) became de-facto President as Ronald Reagan became the acting President.

The family of the assassin John Hinckley, Jr., had close ties with skull and bonesman George Bush.

After the shooting of the Pope, Reagan and the Pope had something in common, and they became good friends.

This led to the establishment of diplomatic relation between the U.S. and the Vatican in 1984.

Here is a quote from the book: George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography:

"A summary of this material was made generally available through the Associated Press, which published the following short note on March 31:
The family of the man charged with trying to assassinate President Reagan is acquainted with the family of Vice President George Bush and had made large contributions to his political campaign....Scott Hinckley, brother of John W. Hinckley Jr. who allegedly shot at Reagan, was to have dined tonight in Denver at the home of Neil Bush, one of the Vice President's sons....The Houston Post said it was unable to reach Scott Hinckley, vice president of his father's Denver-based firm, Vanderbilt Energy Corp., for comment. Neil Bush lives in Denver, where he works for Standard Oil Co. of Indiana. In 1978, Neil Bush served as campaign manager for his brother, George W. Bush, the Vice President's eldest son, who made an unsuccessful bid for Congress. Neil lived in Lubbock, Texas, throughout much of 1978, where John Hinckley lived from 1974 through 1980. "(Tarpley & Chaitkin, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography).

Pope John Paul II rode in a Pope Mobile after the assassination attempt!!

Pope John Paul II never met the people again except under the highest security. He had an officer from the Italian Special Forces to coordinate his security arrangements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He even had a food taster on duty at all times to protect him from the Cup of Borgia!!

Pope John Paul II rode in a specially designed bulletproof Popemobile.

Before the assassination attempt, Pope John Paul was an avid sports enthusiast. He enjoyed mountaineering, swimming, walks, tennis and especially football (soccer)....All of that ended after the shooting.

The Pope was a devotee of his own country's mother goddess namely Our Lady of Czestochowa or the Black Madonna of Poland. He was not a Fatima Crusader before the shooting.

When he made a partial recovery in the fall of 1981, he finally fired Pedro Arrupe. He appointed 2 men: Paolo Dezza and Giuseppe Pittau to head the Order.

Due to the enervated Pope, the Jesuits were back in business again in 1983 when they appointed a general of their choosing named Peter Hans Kolvenbach.

Pope John Paul I was also about to abolish the Jesuits!!

John Paul I was Pope for 33 days only: from August 26, 1978 to September 29, 1978. Like his predecessor, Pope Paul IV, he disliked taking orders from the general:

Pope John Paul I (1912-1979) was Pope for 33 days only.

Pope John Paul I—the Patriarch of Venice— was called the Smiling Pope because of his infectious smile.

As soon as Albino Luciani became Pope, he ordered an investigation of the Vatican Bank and its American director Bishop Paul Marcinkus. He presided over a mammoth financial scandal that ended with a $244 million Vatican payout to enraged creditors of the Banco Ambrosiano, an institution linked to Bishop Marcinkus that folded amid $3.5 billion in red ink.

He went to bed with a copy of his speech terminating the Jesuits and was found dead by his housekeeper the following morning.

He was another victim of the Cup of Borgia!!

Here is a quote from the world's foremost authority on the Vatican in world politics, Avro Manhattan:

"Soon after the conclave, the new Pope had a talk with the 20 Cardinals from Latin America and was deeply impressed by the fact that most of them supported Liberation Theology. During the previous five years, he was told, revolutionary, or rather Jesuitical Catholic cells, had multiplied and were still multiplying very rapidly. Cardinal Arns of Sao Paulo, Brazil, informed John Paul how there were more than one hundred thousand basic Catholic revolutionary communities operating in South America.
These communities, equivalent of revolutionary cells, were called "communidades eclesiales de base," and operated "in the gospel spirit" with ideas taken directly from Marxism.
Pope John Paul I was shocked. Although he had heard of Liberation Theology as a kind of theological abstraction, he had never imagined its reality to have assumed such vast menacing dimensions.
The CIA, who knew of Luciani's naivete about the problem, feared that Cardinal Benelli, now his counsellor, might encourage him to support it. After all, wasn't Liberation Theology born during the pontificate of Paul VI, and thus, had it not been sponsored by Benelli himself?
Up to then, between 700 and 800 priests and nuns had perished, fighting alongside the guerrillas. The number was growing as the guerrillas were multiplying all over Latin America.
Pope John Paul became perturbed about the whole problem. It was obvious that he had to do something very drastic about it all. Like neutralizing Father Arrupe and his Jesuitical battalions, for instance. In Rome as well as in South America. The new Pope, decided to start dealing with Father Arrupe. Perhaps with Father Arrupe's dismissal.
But then, before that, Pope John Paul, had to deal with a no less urgent task; the plots, intrigues and corruption which had been so rife inside the Vatican itself. The Vatican Bank, its lay and ecclesiastic associated, plus its shady financial operators. And last, but not least, with the Curia itself. Many heads would soon be made to roll. The quicker the better."(Manhattan,
Murder in the Vatican, pp. 129-130).

Here is another quote from Jesuit author Malachi Martin:

"On the basis of Paul VI's critical dossier, and with the help of a very experienced old Jesuit, Father Paolo Dezza, who had been Confessor to Pope Paul VI and now was John Paul I's confessor, the Pope composed a hard-hitting speech of warning. He planned to deliver it to the international assembly of Jesuit leaders and Father General Arrupe at another of their General Congregations to be held in Rome on September 30, 1978.
One of the striking features of his speech was John Paul I's repeated reference to doctrinal deviations on the part of Jesuits. "Let it not happen that the teachings and publications of Jesuits contain anything to cause confusion among the faithful." Doctrinal deviation was for him the most ominous symptom of Jesuit failure.
Veiled beneath the polished veneer of its graceful
romanita, that speech contained a clear threat: the Society would return to its proper and assigned role, or the Pope would be forced to take action.
What action? From John Paul's memoranda and notes, it is clear that, unless a speedy reform of the Order proved feasible, he had in mind the effective liquidation of the Society of Jesus as it is today—perhaps to be reconstituted later in a more manageable form. John Paul I had received the petitions of many Jesuits, pleading with him to do just that.
The Pope never delivered that speech of warning. On the morning of September 29, after thirty-three days on the Throne of Peter, and one day before he was to address the Society's General Congregation, John Paul I was found dead in bed." (Martin, The Jesuits, p. 44)

Pope Paul VI was almost stabbed to death by a Jesuit assassin!!

The previous Pope, Pope Paul VI, also disliked taking orders from the general, and loud cries arose in the world press that he was incompetent and should RESIGN....He was almost stabbed to death in Manila. Here is a quote from Jesuit expert, Martin:

Pope Paul VI (1897-1978). Pope from 1963 to 1978.

"Paul, meanwhile, was in desperate need of help of all sorts. His health had been deteriorating. In an operation that took place on the fourth floor of the Apostolic Palace in November of 1967, the Pontiff's prostate gland was removed. Contrary to rumors, there had been no metastasis. More miseries of the mortal kind came from the extremely arthritic condition of Paul's legs, and from his cervical arthritis. That last condition forced him to wear a stiff collar beneath his robes in order to lessen the pain—a circumstance that saved his life during his visit to Manila. The kris wielded by the Bolivian painter and would-be papal assassin Benjamin Amor y Mendoza was sharp enough to have severed Paul's jugular veins as Mendoza slashed twice, once to the right and once to the left side of Paul's neck. Had it not been for that stiff collar and the speed of Paul's private secretary, Monsignore Macchi, who caught Mendoza's arm and slowed its force, Paul would have been killed. As it was, he was wounded slightly on both sides of the neck." (Martin, The Jesuits, p. 401.)

Pope Sixtus V was assassinated for trying to change the name of the Jesuits!!

If we go back in history to the time of Don Francis Borgia, we will find that most of the White Popes were killed, or had an early demise, because they tried to change or abolish the Jesuit Order. One Pope, Sixtus V—the "Invincible" Armada Pope—just wanted to change the name of the Society from the Society of Jesus to "Ignatine Order." That particular Pope died shortly thereafter:

Pope Sixtus V (Pope from 1585 to 1590).

Here is a quote from Jesuit expert Malachi Martin:

"Again in 1590 the same Pope, Sixtus V, decided to change the name "Society of Jesus" to "Ignatine Order." To use the name of Jesus in the title of a mere Religious Order, said Sixtus and many others, was "offensive" to pious ears. "Every time you name this Society," one Cardinal grumbled, "you have to doff your hat or bow your head."
Claudio Acquaviva remonstrated with Sixtus, pointing out that in Jesuit eyes the very name of the Society belonged to the "substantials" of the Society. Neither he nor a General Congregation of Jesuits could change the name.
Sixtus maintained his decision, and ordered his own papal officials to draw up a decree changing the name accordingly.
In the coercive circumstances, Acquaviva did the only thing left to him:
He organized a nine-day flow of prayers by the young Jesuit novices to ask God's grace for himself and the whole Society that they submit to the Pope's distasteful command. Sixtus died on the ninth day. His successor, Urban, dropped the whole idea." (Martin, The Jesuits, pp. 231-233).

A "good Pope" is a Pope who obeys his Jesuit general!!

A "good Pope" is a Pope who fully follows the commands of his Jesuit general. Pope John XXIII (Pope from 1958 to 1963) was such a "good Pope." This obedience actually got him on the fast track to sainthood in the Roman Church as he is now known as "Blessed" John:

"Good Pope" John XXIII
(Pope from 1958 to 1963).

The General at that time was Jean-Baptiste Janssens. Under orders from his General, Pope John XXIII inaugurated the Trojan horse ecumenical movement or Vatican Council II.

The Latin Mass was dumped along with the dogma: there is no salvation outside the Church of Rome....All religions were now going to get you to Heaven as long as you were sincere.

Under the teachings of Vatican II, sincere Communists, Buddhists, Hindus, Moslems, atheists etc., etc. were all going to Heaven . . . as long as they were SINCERE!!

Among the multiplicity of "changes" brought about by Vatican II was the teaching that Protestants were no longer "heretics" but SEPARATED BRETHERN!!

Vital Links


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Manhattan Avro. Murder in the Vatican, American, Russian and Papal Plots. Ozark Books, Springfield, MO. 1985.

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Un rol important in tratativele "scutului", in Romania, l-a jucat vice presedintele SUA, Joe Biden.
Va aduceti aminte vizita sa la Bucuresti de anul trecut:

Ceea ce putini stiu (sau nu-si mai aduc aminte) este ca actualul vice president al SUA, pe numele sau intreg, Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr., a mai jucat asemenea roluri (legate de armamanet si strategii) in trecut.

Iata unul dintre ele:

"In 1979, al doilea tratat de tinere sub control a armamentului strategic, SALT II, era gata sa fie ratificat in senatul SUA. Pentru a obtine cele doua treimi necesare pentru a fi aprobat, liderii din senat au vrut sa adauge un amendament, insa aceasta avea nevoie de acordul sovietic. Un tanar senator american, Joseph R. Biden Jr., urma sa plece la Moscova, asa incat conducerea senatului l-a insarcinat sa prezinte chestiunea inaintea ministrului de externe, Andrei Gromiko. Partida de la Moscova era nedreapta: un senator tanar fata in fata cu un diplomat incercat, cu o vasta expereinta.

Gromiko a inceput discutia cu o disertatie elocventa, care a durat o ora intrega, despre cum sovietici s-au jucat intotdeauna (de-a prinsa) cu americanii in cursa inarmarii. A concluzionat un argument puternic in legatura cu faptul ca SALT II ii favoriza, de fapt, pe americani si ca de aceia senatul trebuie sa ratifice tratatul fara ai aduce modificari. Pozitia lui Gromiko fara de amendamentul propus a fost un "niet" hotarat.

Atunci a urmat randul lui Biden. In loc sa se lansesze intr-o disputa cu Gromiko si sa se situeze pe o pozitie absolut contrara, el a vorbit rar si cu seriozitate:
"Domnule Gromiko, sunteti foarte convingator. Sunt de acord cu multe din cele ce le-ati spus. Cu toate acestea ma voi intoarce la colegii mei din Senat si le voi spune ceea ce tocmai mi-ati aratat dvs, unii dintre ei, ca de pilda senatorul Gold Water sau senatorul Helms, nu vor fi prea convinsi, si ma tem ca grija lor fata de ceilalti va cantari greu".

Biden a continuat sa explice ingrijorarea lor. "Dvs, aveti mai multa experienta in domeniu controlului armamentului decat oricare altul inca in viata. Cum m-ati sfatui dvs. sa le raspund ?". Gromiko nu a putut rezista ispitei de ai da cateva sfaturi neexperimentatului tanar american. A inceput sa-l invete ce sa le spuna scepticilor senatori. Biden i-a prezentat unul cate unul argumentele pe care urma sa le infrunte iar Gromiko s-a luptat serios cu fiecare dintre ele. La sfarsit, intelegand poate pentru prima data cat de mult i-ar fi ajutat amendamentul in obtinerea voturilor, Gromiko s-a razgandit si si-a dat consimtamantul."

Interesant, nu ?

Veti observa ca toti acesti "emisari" speciali sunt formati la Universitatea "Georgetown" din Washington DC.

Mark Gitenstein (actualul ambasador al USA la Bucuresti) are doctaratul obtinut la "Georgetown" din Washington DC.

"El este absolvent al Universitatii Duke si si-a luat doctoratul la Universitatea din Georgetown."

Mark Gitenstein a lucrat timp de 17 ani la Senat, fiind angajat la biroul senatorului, pe atunci, Joe Biden - in prezent vicepresedinte al SUA. In campania pentru alegerile prezidentiale din 2008, Mark Gitenstein a fost consilierul candidatului pentru functia de vicepresedinte, Joe Biden."

Dealtfel intreaga echipa a lui Barack Obama este compusa din persoane care au absolvit (cate ceva) la "Georgetown Universtity".

Vedeti si aceste materiale de aici:

Interesant ca echipa "strategiei scutului" este una condusa de un presedinte laureat al premiului NOBEL !
Cat priveste "reactia" MOSCOVEI (hegel sa traiasca), nu-i bai, o rezolva si pe asta Joe Biden, nu...?!

Cateva poze, la final, sugestive:

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Amintiti-va ca regina Elisabeta I (1558-1603) a dus lupte puternice cu emisarii speciali ai Romei papale, iezuitii.
Iezuitii aparusera in anul 1540.

Au existat cel putin 5 tentative de asasinat asupra sa, nu au reusit. Regina Elisabeta I avea un serviciu de spionaj / contraspionaj excelent.

Dovezile asupra spionajului internaţional datează încă din Anglia secolului al XVI-lea. Se consideră că primul maestru adevărat al spionajului a fost Sir Francis Walsingham, a cărui reţea de spioni acoperea întreaga Europă, lucrând în interesul reginei Angliei, Elisabeta I.

"Pentru a o proteja pe regina Elisabeta I a Angliei si regatul ei, Sir Francis Walsingham (seful Cancelariei Reginei) a creat o retea de "furnizori de informatii", dupa cum si-a numit el agentii, infiltrati atat in comunitatile de negustori cat si la curtile regale de pe intreg cupreinsul Europei. Titlul sau oficial era de "secretar general al reginei". Neoficial insa, era coordonatorul activitatilor britanice de spionaj."

Recomand link:

Elisabeta I conduce Anglia din anul 1558 pana in anul 1603.
Epoca sa a fost una extrem de infloritoare.

"Domnia reginei Elisabeta este denumită era elisabetană sau epoca de aur, fiind marcată de sporirea puterii Angliei pe plan mondial. Marii dramaturgi William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe şi Ben Jonson au avut o carieră înfloritoare în timpul domniei reginei Elisabeta."

Dupa Elisabeta I (ultima din dinastia Tudor - http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinastia_Tudor -) au urmat:

- Iacob I al Angliei: (1603-1625) (Casa de Stuart)

- Carol I al Angliei: (1625-1649) (sustinator al dreptului divin, incearca abolirea parlamentului, reuseste in 1629 si favorizeaza catolicismul-Casa de Stuart)

- Carol al II-lea al Angliei: (1660-1685) (Casa Stuart)

- Iacob al II-lea: (Casa Stuart) - a fost monarh catolic. Pe timpul sau, biserica anglicana pierde suprematia.

- William al III-lea al Angliei: (impreuna cu Maria a II-a din 1689-1702) Venea din Casa de Orania.

În ultimul an de domnie William al III-lea a semnat "Act of Settlement" care reglementa ordinea succesiunii la tron.
Acest "Act of Settlement" era un act regal care interzicea accesul catolicilor la tronul Angliei. Motivatia era data de infuenta spionajului iezuit care dorea ca Anglia sa serveasca pentru totdeauna interesele Romei papale. (Dreptul Divin (?!) de a conduce peste toate natiunile pamantului)

- Anna a Marii Britanii: (1702-1714) -Casa Stuart. (ultimul monarh al Casei Stuart)

Inainte de a merge mai departe, incercati sa intelegeti cum dupa Elisabetei I (1603), iezuitii si-au continuat asaltul asupra Angliei prin diferite metode si cu sustinerea unor complicate aliante.

In anul 1605 are loc o tentativa de asasinat impotriva regelui Iacob I condusa de catolici cu scopul de a instala un rege catolic la conducerea Angliei.

"The Gunpowder Plot of 1605, in earlier centuries often called the Gunpowder Treason Plot, was a failed assassination attempt against King James I of England and VI of Scotland by a group of provincial English Catholics led by Robert Catesby. The plan was to blow up the House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament on 5 November 1605, the prelude to a popular revolt in the Midlands during which James's nine-year-old daughter, Princess Elizabeth, was to be installed as the Catholic head of state."

-The Gunpowder Plot (1605) An attempt by the Jesuits to destroy the English Parliament and the true Protestant Movement and freedom, DEMOCRACY, Watch V for Vendetta a very smartly made film.

In anul 1605 are loc o tentativa de asasinat impotriva regelui Iacob I condusa de catolici cu scopul de a instala un rege catolic (consiliat de spionajul iezuit) la conducerea Angliei.
La 5 noiembrie 1605 Iezuiţii au condus conspiratorii romano-catolici plănuind uciderea regelui James I şi a întregului Parlament al Angliei prin aruncarea în aer a Camerei Lorzilor. Ei au plasat 20 de butoaie cu praf de puşcă sub Camera Lorzilor. Planul era ca explozia să aibă loc tocmai când Lorzii, reprezentanţii poporului, şi regele urmau să participe la adunarea din 5 noiembrie 1605 pentru deschiderea Parlamentului. Complotul a fost descoperit iar conspiratorii au fost capturaţi.

Până în ziua de astăzi (COLLIER’S ENCYCLOPEDIA, volume 9, p. 620 (1991).) evenimentul este asociat cu "Complotul Prafului de Puşcă". În Anglia, ziua de 5 noiembrie este zi de sărbătoare naţională (COLLIER’S ENCYCLOPEDIA, volume 11, p. 536 (1991).) , de aducere aminte a conspiraţiei Catolice în complotul prafului de puşcă.
Sărbătoarea este numită "Guy Fawkes Day"; Guy Fawkes a fost unul dintre conspiratorii "Gunpowder Plot".
(COLLIER’S ENCYCLOPEDIA, volume 12, p. 192 (1991).

"The Gunpowder Plot of 1605, in earlier centuries often called the Gunpowder Treason Plot, was a failed assassination attempt against King James I of England and VI of Scotland by a group of provincial English Catholics led by Robert Catesby. The plan was to blow up the House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament on 5 November 1605, the prelude to a popular revolt in the Midlands during which James's nine-year-old daughter, Princess Elizabeth, was to be installed as the Catholic head of state."

-The Gunpowder Plot (1605) An attempt by the Jesuits to destroy the English Parliament and the true Protestant Movement and freedom, DEMOCRACY, Watch V for Vendetta a very smartly made film.

- Complotul “Gunpowder” (1605) a fost tentative iezuitilor de distrugere a Parlamentului Englez si adevarata miscare protestanta (protest fata de Roma si Iezuiti) dar si distrugerea libertati, democratiei (reale). Priviti V de la “Vendetta” (Razbunarea), un film intelligent.

Iezuitii si-au continuat lupta pana au reusit, in anul 1714, sa instaleze la conducerea Angliei, o persoana care nu vorbea nici engleza si nu cunostea nici legile Angliei. Din aceasta cauza apare o noua forma de guvernamant.
Acesta a fost George I al Marii Britanii.

- George I al Marii Britanii (1714-1727) - Casa de Hanovra

-King of England, George I, 1 August 1714 – 11 June 1727, was the first fully established, obedient Jesuit trained and puppet for Society of Jesus.

Modesta mea analiza se opreste la acest "rege" deoarece am ajuns la anul care ne intereseaza, si anume anul 1717, anul infiintarii MASONERIEI MODERNE in Anglia.

Cine are "ochi si urechi" poate face legaturile cu o foarte mare usurinta.
Iezuitii, dupa o perioada de peste 100 de ani (1603-1717), reusesc sa-si puna "marioneta", care nici macar engleza nu stia, iar in anul 1717, in perioada acestui rege marioneta, apare FRANCMASONERIA.

Tot el. George I, era si print elector al "Sfântul Imperiu Roman". Un imperiu sfant in sensul ca religia "imperiului" era cea crestina, desigur, de tip catolic. Vedeti asemanarea cu inceputurile Partidului Popular European (1925).

Francmasoneria a fost si este o creatie a spionajului iezuit. A fost creata in Anglia anului 1717 cu scopul de a da impresia ca masoneria este o organizatie protestanta si deci in sprijinul Angliei protestante.
In realitate, francmasoneria a fost infiintata de iezuiti ca fiind "bratul protestant al Romei papale". Mai bine o lume protestanta controlata decat una veritabila.

Rolul pe care masoneria l-a jucat ulterior arata cum Roma papala a reusit distrugerea opozitiei pornite de Martin Luther in 1517.
Daca vreti, francmasoneria a fost si este "calul troian" al iezuitilor. A functionat atunci, la fel de bine functioneza si acum.

Amintim ca reforma lui Martin Luther a adus notiunea de libertate civila si religioasa dar si notiunea de stat suveran, natiune independenta.

Revolutiile “masonice” care au urmat, incepand cu cea franceza (1789), au fost in realitate “operatiuni iezuite” de distrugere a ceea ce adusese reforma lui Martin Luther.

Dam un singur exemplu, aici, in tara noastra: In 1989, Romania reuseste sa (re)devina independenta si din punct de vedere financiar. Ne achitasem datoriile fata de “asasinii economici internationali” (organisme financiare internationale conduse de cavaleri de malta si iezuiti).
Intrebare: Ce s-a intamplat in 1989 ??? A avut loc “REVOLUTIA”.
Acum, dupa 20 de ani de “beneficii si bucurii revolutionare”, putem intelege (dupa rezultate) foarte usor cine au fost artizanii revolutiei din 1989 si care a fost adevarata miza.
Independenta tarii noastre, ROMANIA, a fost DISTRUSA.
Avem o tara condusa de oculti, masoni in “spatele” carora (unii habar nu au) se ascund artizanii iezuiti.


Declaratia unui presedinte (George W. Bush) al unui stat (SUA) nascut prin efortul celor care fugisera de persecutia papala din Europa. Iata cum "vorbeste" astazi un stat nascut prin sange protestant:

„Cel mai bun mijloc de a-l omagia pe Papa Ioan Paul al II-lea, cu adevărat unul dintre marii oameni, este să abordăm cu seriozitate învăţăturile sale, să-i ascultăm cuvintele, şi să punem în acţiune aici în America cuvintele şi învăţăturile sale”, a spus Bush Episcopilor reuniţi în Salonul de Est al Casei Albe. „Aceasta este o provocare pe care noi trebuie să o acceptăm”.


"Calul troian" al iezuitilor au transformat o natiune, candva protestanta si libera, intr-o natiune subordonata, la nivel inalt, Romei papale. Istoria se repeta !
Coincidenta este ca si acest "presedinte" a fost tot o marioneta si il cheama tot George. Stie, in schimb, engleza dar nu si germana.

Generalul care conducea aparatul de spionaj iezuit la acea vreme (1717) era generalul superior Michelangelo Tamburini.

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marți, 2 februarie 2010


Conflictul dintre Pavel Corut si Gigi Becali merita vizionat deoarece arata doua tipuri de interpretare a Divinitatii !

Deasemenea mai descopera un aspect interesant: Pavel Corut isi fundamenteaza anumite convingeri prin lucrarea unui... iezuit !!!

Care-i legatura acestui material cu numele acestui blog - Ordinul Negru ???

Pavel Corut, la un moment dat, spune ca <Biblia Hazlie> a fost scrisa de catre un preot iezuit, Leo Taxil.
Pavel Corut foloseste numele acestui iezuit pentru a-si justifica viziunea si interpretarea sa. Dansul spune ca acest iezuit a demonstrat ca Vechiul Testament este o colectie de mituri.

Cata incredere poti avea intr-o lucrare iezuita, este usor de spus. Iezuitii au fost si sunt maestrii inselatoriei, dezinformarii si intoxicarii !!!

Nota: Vezi "lucrarile" iezuitilor Francisco Ribera (1537-1591) si Luis de Alcasar (1554-1613):
Trebuia distrasa atentia lumii de la Vatican catre alti <inamici> , unul imaginar iar altul demult apus in istorie.

Pe de alta parte, materialul arata caracterul unuia sau altuia. Unul jigneste ca la usa cortului pretinzand ca, totusi, este fiul Domnului, iar altul isi pastreaza cumpatul (ceea ce este ok) fara a pretinde sfintenia primului (cea a lui Becali).

Va doresc vizionare placuta !